Charitable Giving

The Hillsdale County Community Foundation is a non-profit, charitable organization created by and for the people of Hillsdale County. We are here to assist you in creating a positive impact in our community through endowed funds. Your gift to an endowed fund impacts our community today and into the future.

Our Special Features:

We Make Giving Easy and Flexible. We make giving easy by accepting a wide variety of gifts. We provide you with a number of charitable options for establishing your own fund or contributing to a fund already administered by the Foundation.

We Provide Local Support. Our professional staff has an in-depth understanding of the issues, opportunities and resources that shape our community. A volunteer board of local community leaders, representing the interests of Hillsdale County, oversee the Community Foundation’s administration and distribution of grant funds.

Endowment Funding. Although their specific uses vary, endowment funds have a specific purpose: to support acitivies or organizations not just for one year or even one generation, but in perpetuity. Gifts to endowments keep on giving; the income earned will support our community forever.

Community Leadership. We invest in the long-term and bring people and organizations together, convening diverse voices to address local issues and opportunities.

Special Tax Advantages:
-Immediate Income Tax Reduction
-Avoidance of Long-Term Capital Gain
-Increase in Personal Income and Effective Rate of Return
-Reduction in Estate and Gift Tax

For more information on giving, please click on our Planned Giving Brochure.

Funds of the Foundation

The Hillsdale County Community Foundation administers a variety of funds which include named unrestricted funds, field of interest funds, designated funds, scholarship funds, and donor advised funds.

Unrestricted Funds

Invests in community change across all organizations improving all areas of Hillsdale County.

  • Ardeth Morse Memorial Fund
  • Community Investment Fund  (formerly the HCCF General Endowment Fund)
  • General Mills Community Fund
  • HCCF Alumni Trustee Fund
  • Hillsdale County Emergency Relief Fund
  • Hillsdale County Leadership Fund
  • Hodshire Family Community Support Fund
  • Ingles Family Fund
  • Lavern & Robin Barber Haynes Memorial Fund
  • Mildred Hawkes Barber Memorial Fund
  • Paul Leece Memorial Fund
  • Simpson Family Fund
Field of Interest Funds

Allows support of a special area of interest while taking advantage of the Foundation’s community expertise.

  • Advanced Competition and Travel Fund
  • Benge Library Fund
  • Bernal and Agnes Wallace Memorial Fund
  • Beth Ann Blanchard Memorial Children’s Fund
  • Carl Densmore Memorial Christmas Wish Fund
  • Chris Herren Memorial Fund
  • Dr. & Mrs. Terance Lunger Christian Charitable Trust Fund
  • George W. Romney Endowment Fund
  • Healthy Senior/Healthy Youth Fund
  • Heritage Association Fund
  • Hillsdale County CAP! Endowment Fund
  • Hillsdale County C.A.R.E.S. Foundation Fund
  • Hillsdale County Teacher of the Year Fund
  • Housing Continuum of Care Fund
  • Isaiah 54:2 Fund
  • James & Ardath McCall Building Fund
  • Jonesville Area Community Fund
  • Leadership Hillsdale County Fund
  • Louise Hawkes Library Fund
  • Mary Alice Powers Pope Fund
  • Roland & Grace Fowler Memorial Fund
  • Tyler Neukom Memorial Fund
  • Warm the Children Fund
  • W.K. Kellogg Youth Advisory Fund
Designated Funds

Provides benefit to a selected organization or program.

  • Daryl McElmurry Memorial Fund
  • Domestic Harmony Fund
  • Fields of Dreams Endowment & Pass-Through Funds
  • Give Where You Live Funds
  • Gospel Barn Building Fund
  • Grosvenor House Museum Fund
  • Hillsdale Community Library Endowment Fund
  • Hillsdale Community Schools Band Instrument Fund
  • Hillsdale Community Schools Band Uniform Fund
  • Hillsdale Community Schools Educational Endowment & Pass-Through Funds
  • Hillsdale County Fair Renovation Fund
  • Hillsdale County Intermediate Schools Education Fund
  • Hillsdale County Park Commission Endowment Fund
  • Hillsdale County Victims Services Fund
  • Hillsdale Exchange Club Community Fund
  • Hillsdale Hospital Educational Support Fund
  • Hillsdale Rotary Club Project Fund
  • Howard J. Rizner Hillsdale Arts Chorale Fund
  • Jack Beilfuss Memorial Davis Middle School Track Fund
  • Jon “Mike” and Betty Fast Jonesville District Library Fund
  • Jon “Mike” and Betty Fast First Presbyterian Church Fund
  • Jonesville Community Educational Foundation Fund
  • Jonesville Community Schools Alvin J. Perry Fund
  • Jonesville Freedom Memorial Fund
  • Kimball Camp Endowment & Pass-Through Funds
  • Litchfield Community Schools Education Fund
  • Litchfield Community Veteran/War Memorial Fund
  • Litchfield District Library Support Fund
  • Manor Endowment Fund
  • Margaret Clay Memorial Fund
  • Mitchell Research Center Endowment Fund
  • North Adams-Jerome Education Foundation Fund
  • Pittsford Area Schools Education Fund
  • Purdy Family Recreation Fund
  • Ralph A. Kelley Fund
  • Reading Community Schools Foundation Fund
  • Sauk Theater Fund
  • St. Peter’s Clinic Community Support Fund
  • Waldron District Library Fund
  • Wright-Waldron Township Fire Department Fund
Agency Funds

Provides benefit to a selected non-profit organization as created by said organization.

  • Community Action Agency Fund
  • Dr. Leo Phillips Senior Center Endowment Fund
  • Key Opportunities Agency Fund
Donor Advised Funds

Offers donor the opportunity to create a personal, flexible and safe method of charitable giving.

  • Herbert and Barbara James Family Fund
  • John & Marie MacRitchie Fund
  • Ridley Family Fund
  • V.C. and Velma Knight Memorial Fund
Scholarship Funds

Established to inspire community members to pursue their desire for post-secondary education.

  • Alice M. Britton Scholarship
  • Alice MacNeil Memorial Track Scholarship
  • Andrea Chaney Memorial Scholarship
  • Anton (Tony) Slovacek Memorial Scholarship
  • Ayres Family Scholarship
  • Barker Memorial Scholarship
  • Frank and Angel Beck Family Wrestling Scholarship
  • Benjamin Blonde Memorial Scholarship
  • Beth Ann Blanchard Memorial Scholarship
  • Bonnie Silliven Memorial Scholarship
  • Brian Gendron Memorial Scholarship
  • Brian Hayward Memorial Award
  • “Butch” Draper Memorial Scholarship
  • Cale Peter Scharp Memorial Scholarship
  • Carl M. Peggs Football Scholarship
  • Charles Bianchi Scholarship Fund
  • Charlotte A. (Webster) Wasnich Memorial Scholarship
  • Cheryl Yearling Memorial Nursing Scholarship
  • Clare E. and Evelyn Monroe Scholarship
  • Clare E. Monroe Agricultural Scholarship
  • Clark Family Scholarship Fund
  • Clint Barrett Memorial Scholarship
  • Cochran-Mahler Families Scholarship
  • Constance M. Hutchinson Future Teacher Scholarship
  • Creek Valley Farms Stanley and Carol Smith Scholarship Fund
  • D.E. & Helen Spotts Memorial Scholarship
  • Dana G. Lunger Alumni Scholarship
  • David Joseph Alexandrowski Scholarship Fund
  • Don Leader Scholarship Fund
  • Donald E. Caswell Memorial Scholarship
  • Donald F. & Donna J. Playford Scholarship
  • Dorothy Morine-Pittsford Area Schools Scholarship
  • Dorothy J Towne Memorial Scholarship
  • Doug Spears Memorial Scholarship
  • Emily B. Williams & Percy Stough Memorial Scholarship
  • George & Harriett Cleveland Scholarship
  • George and Marian Gier Memorial Scholarship
  • Gery Claybaugh Memorial Scholarship
  • Hames Family Music Scholarship
  • Harold “Holly” Shigley Humanitarian Scholarship
  • Harold S. & Lester E. Gardner Memorial Scholarship
  • Hattie Marie Spiteri Memorial Scholarship
  • Herb Bordner Memorial Scholarship
  • Herbert Jennings MRPA Hall of Fame Scholarship
  • HCCF Trustee Scholarship
  • Hillsdale County Medical Society Scholarship
  • Hillsdale County Scholarship
  • Hillsdale Exchange Club Scholarship
  • Hillsdale High School Class of 1950 Scholarship
  • Hillsdale Woman’s Club Scholarship
  • The Hillsdale Word Scholarship
  • Ione “Ma” Gordon Scholarship
  • James A. Fiebig Music & Arts Award
  • Jason Cole Memorial Scholarship
  • Jeannie Pratt Steel Memorial Scholarship
  • Jennifer Beach Memorial Scholarship
  • John & Cathy Hartley Family Scholarship
  • John S. Sterling Music Scholarship
  • Jonesville Community Fire Department Auxiliary Scholarship
  • Jonesville Community Schools Maurice Bosier Scholarship
  • Jonesville Rotary Club Scholarship
  • Judge Michael E. Nye Scholarship Fund
  • Julie Wolfe Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Katherine Zakrzewski RN Nursing Scholarship
  • Kay Hobby Memorial Scholarship
  • Kiwanis Scholarship
  • Kurt Herbener-Thelma Herbener Education Fund
  • L. Dean & Joan Hurst Scholarship
  • Larry & Carole Jose Music Scholarship
  • Larry & Ezrah Memorial Scholarship
  • Laurice & Mary Gregg Memorial Scholarship
  • Leah Ward Memorial Scholarship
  • Lee Bratton Music Fund
  • Leonard & Ruth Drake Rotary Scholarship
  • Linc Miller Education Fund
  • Lint Family Music Fund
  • Litchfield High School Class of 1953 Scholarship
  • Litchfield Oddfellow & Rebekah Scholarship
  • Lloyd Morningstar Memorial Scholarship
  • Lola B. Cook (AAUW) Memorial Scholarship
  • Lyle, Sandra, Robbin and Martin Stratton Scholarship
  • Lyndell Patrick Scholarship Fund
  • Margaret Allen Clay Memorial Scholarship
  • Mark & Martha Pitts Memorial Scholarship
  • Mary Catherine Siebert Memorial Scholarship
  • Marvin & Helen Patrick Memorial Scholarship
  • Mike & Marcie Nye Family Scholarship
  • Myrna B. Slovacek Memorial Scholarship
  • Nash Memorial Scholarship
  • Olin & Wilhelmina Hinkle Family Scholarship
  • Pauline Libengood Right to Life Scholarship
  • Pauline Ridley Kropschot Scholarship
  • Pittsford Area Scholarship
  • Pittsford Promise Scholarship Fund
  • Quentin Westfall Memorial Scholarship
  • Richard L. Sprow Memorial Scholarship
  • Richard Wade Construction Memorial Scholarship
  • Richard W. (Mort) Kline Memorial Scholarship
  • Rob Nagle Memorial Scholarship
  • Robert and Lavilla Gillespie Scholarship Fund
  • Robert & Mary Swartz Scholarship
  • Robert G. Chase Memorial Scholarship
  • Roger Boyd Memorial Scholarship
  • Ron Rothfuss Social Studies Scholarship
  • Ryan Kehoe Memorial Scholarship
  • Sandra Caskey Memorial Scholarship
  • Sara & Dale Harmelink Fund
  • Sara & Paul McFarland Scholarship
  • Sarah “Sally” Dimmers Fallon Memorial Scholarship
  • Sauk Theatre’s Bud Vear Scholarship
  • Shannon Rowe Memorial Industrial Scholarship
  • Suzanne Cooney Memorial Scholarship
  • Taylor Hatfield Memorial Scholarship
  • Tim Lehman Memorial Scholarship
  • Tom Claus Family Outstanding Wrestling Scholarship Fund
  • Tom Wilmer Scholarship
  • Tyler “T.C.” Clendening Memorial Scholarship
  • Tyler Neukom Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • University of Michigan Alumni Club of Hillsdale County Scholarship
  • Virginia Cascarelli Memorial Nursing Scholarship
  • Waldron FFA Harry J. Moore Memorial Scholarship
  • Walter & Annamarie Martinen Memorial Scholarship
  • Wayne Kinjorski Memorial Art Award
  • Wigent Excellence in Art Award Fund
  • William & Kathleen Adams Family Scholarship
  • William “Bill” VanArsdalen Memorial Scholarship
  • William Fitzgerald Palmer Memorial Scholarship
  • William P. Shannon Humanitarian Prize
  • William R. Hill Memorial Scholarship

To download a complete listing and description of the funds of the Hillsdale County Community Foundation, please see Funds of the Foundation.