Hillsdale, Michigan – July 17, 2019

Four youth advisory council (YACs) took home awards at the 2019 Youth Grantmakers Summer Leadership Conference, held at Central Michigan University (CMU) in June. The Hillsdale County Community Foundation YOUTH (Youth Opportunities Unlimited Throughout Hillsdale) was among those honored, winning the 2019 Media Usage of the Year Award. The award showcases the YOUTH’s unwavering commitment to the Hillsdale county community. CMF’s president Kyle Caldwell presented the awards to the YACs on behalf of the Michigan Community Foundations Youth Project (MCFYP) Committee.

The HCCF YOUTH created the #YOUMATTER Campaign to raise awareness for mental health within their community. During this campaign, the students were responsible for carrying out the initiative in their schools. YOUTH members made up individualized locker signs that included encouraging quotes that were distributed in the schools to bring about awareness. Various groups were also identified to participate in photos that were then posted on social media outlets. This award serves as an excellent reminder of the impact youth grantmakers can have on their community.

The Hillsdale County Community Foundation YOUTH was established in October of 1991. The YOUTH membership is currently made up of representatives from eight public school districts within Hillsdale County, as well as Hillsdale Academy and Will Carleton Academy. The YOUTH Advisory Council has an ongoing program for studying the assets, needs, and concerns of the young people of Hillsdale County.  YOUTH has a special endowment fund, initially made possible by a challenge grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, to make available grant dollars to benefit and involve young people in Hillsdale County. Anyone wishing further information regarding the YOUTH may call the Foundation office at (517) 439-5101 or visit www.abouthccf.org.



Caitlin Clark, Marketing / YOUTH Program Officer

Hillsdale County Community Foundation

(517) 439-5101, c.clark@abouthccf.org